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y wages of 14.53 to 38.88 per hour, according to, or 30,222 to 80,870 per year, based on a 40-hour workweek. Personal trai ners who are certified by the ACE (American Counsel on Exercise) earn hourly wages of 13.14 to 30.67, or 27,331 to 63,794 annually. Add itionally, personal trainers certified as athletic trainers can expect to earn 12.41 to 29.80 per hour or 25,812 to 61,984 annually. Sa lary by Industry Certified personal trainers can earn more in certain industries than others. For example, personal trainers in the edu wooden textures illustrator cation support services industry earn average annual salaries of 54,840, according to the BLS. Certified personal trainers in religious organizations earn annual salaries of 53,140. Additionally, certified personal trainers in technical and trade schools earn salaries o cultural background of blues music f 49,410 per year, and those in management, scientific and technical consulting services earn annual salaries of 45,350. Salary by Stat .

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